Exercise Right Week 2021

Welcome to Exercise Right Week!

This year, the theme for Exercise Right Week is EXERCISE CHANGES LIVES. At Up and Active Physiotherapy, Paul and Toleah are our resident Exercise Physiologists who assist people every day to change their lives through the use of exercise. They use movement as medicine to assist those living with:

· Diabetes

· Heart Disease

· Sporting Injuries

· Persistent pain

· Mental health conditions

· Cancer

· Women’s and Men’s health

Did you know?

· Exercise Physiologists must complete a minimum of 4 years study at University to practice

· Exercise Physiologists are experts in the delivery of exercise to treat and manage people’s health conditions and improve their wellbeing

· Exercise Physiologists have a thorough understanding of human anatomy and how the body works as a system

· Exercise Physiologists want to help you to achieve your goals and will find ways to make exercise enjoyable for you

· Exercise Physiologists can help you regardless of your age and exercise experience – we are all beginners at some point!

Paul became an exercise physiologist because he wanted to help people achieve their goals and become the best versions of themselves. Paul knows first-hand that exercise makes you feel so much better both physically and mentally and loves that he doesn’t have to sit behind a desk for work!

Toleah chose a career in exercise physiology because she loves working with people, motivating them and making people feel happy! She continues to be inspired everyday by her amazing clients and loves to celebrate both the big and small wins with them along the way!

If you would like to find out how exercise can change your life, come down and see us at 24 Taylor Street, Toowoomba or give us a call 4613 1394.